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Make Change with Video

Create the news you don't see on the news. visionOntv has created easy templates for rapid-turnaround citizen video news reports. They can be made by absolute beginners, or by people with skills but little time.

Make watchable and effective films for the widest possible audience. Join a mutually-supportive network of media makers, and be part of the future of media.


Here is our new template 1.5 walk the talk

Mobile Phone template

Send a report around the world in 10 minutes with 
what you have in your pocket.


Still Camera Template

Video News reporting with a stills camera or
no camera at all

Video Camera template

An effective 2-3 minute video news report 
in turned around in 4 hours

For further information, ask visionOntv's trainers at info (AT) visionon (DOT) tv

or for additional technical advice, go to this sister project

from the Participatory Culture Foundation.

You could also try:

If people are going to create a real alternative to traditional media, they need need to talk to each other, here is one place to start making this happen if you are in London.


You could also try: